lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

Skinning Openbravo ERP in 5 minutes !!


Skinning Openbravo ERP to fit a company's corporate colors is usually a required task in an implementation project. Let me show you a few easy steps to start creating your new skin and seeing the effects from the beginning.

What Im going to do is to create a skin that for now, only changes the user logo in the login page, and the Openbravo logo in the application.

Step 1: Follow the steps to create the folder structure of your new skin module

At the end of this point, the result should be something similar to this.

Step 2: Edit the Openbravo_ERP_250.css file and state that you want both images ( User logo and Openbravo logo ) to be used from inside your module and not for the standard skin.

Note that any other image you want to change ( usually the green colored bars ), should follow the same guidelines as this examples.

Now put the modified images in your folder structure.

Step 3: Create the skin module inside Openbravo ERP

Step 4: Compile, restart tomcat, and see results ;)

Have you made your own skins? Thought it was a difficult task? Think again!