lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

Openbravo ERP 2.50 MP8 released

Hi all,

My name is Asier and I am a consultant at Openbravo. As you know, Openbravo releases a maintenance pack for 2.50 version every month with several bug fixes and a few new features. I would like to comment these releases from a consultant point of view.

Last Friday, October 30th, 2.50MP8 was released. See here the release notes.

The main new feature is the total implementation of the DateTime reference. From now on you will be able to distinguish between Date fields and DateTime fields. In other words, apart from the usual date fields, you can set a field to be able to show not only a date but also hours and minutes. See here the details for this new reference.

One immediate effect is that all audit fields in the ERP will from now on show not only the date but also the exact hour, minutes and seconds when it happened.
So, when delivering support for a customer, you will now know the exact date and time when a register has been created/updated. In my opinion, it is a great help for any task regarding user support.

Another use that you can give to this new reference is to change an existing Date reference to the new DateTime reference, so the user can retrieve more exact data for some date fields in the application. Lets say, for example, you convert OrderedDate column in Sales order window from date reference to DateTime reference because knowing the exact timeframe of the sales order is crucial for your customer.

Just change the column length from 10 to 19 (to be able to get the hour:minutes:seconds) and the column reference from Date to DateTime and compile the window. Here is the result.

The bottom line is that you have another great tool to help you satisfy your customer needs.

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