lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

The business impact of installing modules

Hi all,

Recently there have been published some modules that bring to the company the possibility to save daily costs by automating the user tasks in Openbravo ERP.

The first example would be the Clone invoices module . This module not only serves the purpose of showing how easy it is to extend the Openbravo ERP toolbar to add an action-button, but also creates the ability for the user to duplicate an invoice in a "one-click action".

The simple action of cloning an Invoice document (either sales or purchase invoices), lets the user save up to 5 minutes in each similar document he needs to register. This means, that in a monthly basis (taking into account that around 40 recurring documents can be cloned), the user will save up to 4 hours. Regardless the number of users or documents in the ERP, the company will achieve a remarkable saving in costs by the simple use of this module.

On the other hand, another module was published to streamline the creation of GL journals in Openbravo ERP. Using the new technology called Pick & Execute, this module allows the user to quickly insert lines in a GL journal.

Streamlining the task of entering new GL journals is something that makes a lot of sense in order to save the amount of time the user spends in it. From the moment this module is installed, the user will be able to enter more GL journals in the same time, or, entering the same amount of journals, have spare time to do anothers tasks.

Its not easy to calculate how much time the company saves with this module, but what can be said is that the user will save at least 50% of the time entering GL journals from the moment he uses this module. The impact is really remarkable.

Do you have similar modules which reduce company costs by allowing the user to complete daily tasks in less time ? I would love to hear about them.

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